Customer Care Programs

Customer Care Programs


Customer service is tightly woven into NEXTracker’s company DNA. We have 30 years of experience with boots on the ground, and we know how to best help you speed installation, lower project costs, insure proper maintenance, and answer every question you might have. We’ve got you covered with our on-site NEXTracker Support Base and our PowerworX training. Customer service is an attitude — one that we’ve always valued, and always will.


On Site, High Touch

Support Base

When we at NEXTracker say we are there for you, we mean it. Once the construction phase starts, we’ll set up our NEXTracker Support Base, staffed with our local NEXTracker specialists and equipped with everything you need to build, check, and troubleshoot. Our Support Base is an integral part of our proven high-touch, on-site approach. It features a knowledge center loaded with product, training, and construction documentation as well as a workstation for tool maintenance.

Three Levels of Service

Tailored Support

Because we at NEXTracker never assume that one size fits all, we offer three levels with our solar tracker service. If you want us to train you to install, commission, and maintain your advanced clean power plant, that’s Silver Level. Or if you want us to do part of the work for you, that’s Gold Level. If speed is key, we are happy to throw extra resources at your project at the Platinum Level, commissioning up to 10 MW per day. But whatever level of support you choose at NEXTracker, we’ll never just hand you the manual and leave.



We Teach You To Help Yourself

PowerworX Academy

Our NEXTracker support service makes sure you are never on your own. But we also teach you how to help yourself. After all, the best truck roll is the one that never happened. That’s why we introduced our PowerworX Academy. Our training shows you how to install, commission, monitor, and maintain your NEXTracker power plant. And once we show you all the ins and outs of our innovative self-powered tracker technology, we’ll certify you as an official NEXTracker O&M provider.  

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Let our Customer Care Team work for you.