Performance Monitoring

Performance Monitoring


Optimizing Your Assets

Each state-of-the-art NEXTracker row has its own inclinometer that lets you know in real time if it’s working properly. You can review your entire portfolio on a single map, identify issues at a glance with flag alerts, and drill down to individual rows to see alert status, over-current, and expected vs. actual tracker angles. No other tracker technology offers this level of granularity. But we know it’s crucial for you to be able know about issues right when and where they happen, so you can react immediately. Use our NEXTracker monitoring tools to see what your asset is doing at all times, from anywhere in the world. 



Performance monitoring at your fingertips: You can check your assets from everywhere in the world in real time.


Unprecedented level of detail: Where others give you only a general idea about the state of your power plant, NEXTracker lets you drill down into the data for every single row. 


Bottom Line

Reducing Labor Costs

When it comes to O&M, the decision of when to move in the troops is tough. Labor costs are the biggest factor when maintaining solar power plants, and each truck roll avoided and man-hour saved means more money in your pocket. NEXTracker’s superior control and monitoring helps you ease the pain. Because our unique NEXTracker control and performance monitor technology allows you to command the tracker rows to face each other, cleaning modules becomes easier and faster. You can drive right through the rows without having to worry about drive shafts, and clean both sides in one go. Thanks to our granular level of data gathering, you can also see each individual row of solar modules in your NEXTracker plant, which means you will never again have to send out a crew to look for a “needle in a haystack” in the field.



Pinpoint the problem: Our NEXTracker monitoring system helps you find a malfunctioning row fast, without any guessing games.


Optimize your assets with NEXTracker

And reduce your labor costs.